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57 минуты ago

Gaminator presents…

Gaminator is proud to present: Wonderfully exciting slots, exciting gameplay, excellent players and, drumroll, please… a tremendous offer for you in the shop on February 17th! That’s right, there’s up to 300% EXTRA waiting for you in the shop for one day only!


2 дня ago

What are winners made of?

Winners always win! Winners are made of stern stuff. They never give up. They’re always ready to push the boundaries and go the extra mile. Which is why we have something to fit that winning mentality: up to 200% EXTRA in the shop on February 15th!


3 дня ago

One last push!

Use every last drop! Push yourself to the limit to finish the Intergalactic Winter Games in style. To help you go that extra mile, we have up to 500% EXTRA on your purchases between 18:00 and 24:00 on February 13th!


5 дня ago

Crack the code to the VIP area!

The firewall is down! This is the perfect chance to hack your way into the exclusive VIP section and take advantage of all the benefits! All you have to do is make your first purchase in the shop and BOOOM, you’re in! Oh, and a bug in the system means you’ll also get 500% on […]


Февраль 10, 2019

Follow the bright lights

They’re so pretty! So many colors! Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? We have: up to 200% EXTRA on purchases today! Just follow these bright lights and they’ll lead you to the shop where you can take advantage of this great offer! This offer is only valid on February 10th!


Февраль 9, 2019

A galactic battle of the gods!

Some call them gods… Others call them unstoppable forces of nature. Others call them deities and masters of the universe. The Gaminator calls them his next beatable opponents! But only with your help! Want your bonus? Here’s what you need to do: Collect five Level-Up Bonuses between February 9th and 11th to get your reward […]


Февраль 5, 2019

Gaminator phone home!

You’re stronger than you know! All you have to do is find the hero inside you. The talent still hidden deep down within. The spirit to discover new worlds and the heart to connect with others, even if they are different. Do this, and nothing will stand in your way! To help you, we’ve got […]


Февраль 2, 2019

Solar stakes ahead!

Don’t look directly at this! It’s an offer so great, it’s blindingly good! Grab 200% EXTRA in the shop on February 2nd to get your hands on some shiny Gaminator Credits!


Январь 31, 2019

Ready to play with the big boys?

Think you’re good, don’t you? Then maybe it’s time you mixed with the big boys and spun the reels on some of our high-roller slots? That’s where the real players are! Spin like you mean it and take advantage of this offer on January 31st: up to 200% EXTRA in the shop!