Ne maradj le egyetlen Slotbattle versenyről, ajánlatról, bónuszról és más nagyszerű újdonságról sem!
2024. máj. 3.

The 100 Best Teams of the last 7 days: 03.05🌀🌀

The Top 10 Teams participating in the Team Missions and getting the highest number of 🌀Spins in Mission🌀, are rewarded with a well-deserved💥bonus in the app💥! A big round of applause for you guys! 👏 🎯 Team Missions are available for everyone from Level 10 Rank Team Name Spins …

2024. máj. 3.

Makes waves with your purchase!

Ahoy there! Ready to set sail on a sea of slots? On 3.05, this deal docks at your shores: 400% extra + KEYS on your purchase! It's smooth sailing to big wins with this treasure in your chest. Don't let this ship sail without you. Anchors aweigh to incredible gaming!

2024. máj. 3.

20% extra Level-up Bonus is coming your way.

Ready to make a splash in the slot seas? From 03.05 to 04.05, we're enhancing your Gaminator Cruise Ship experience with 20% extra Level-up Bonus. Use this power to discover treasures in slots you've never seen before!

2024. máj. 2.

Ride the winning waves!

It’s time to ride the wave's crest and feel the surf's thrill in our latest Surf the Reels Challenge!  Hit the water and become a surfing legend! Win as much as you can between 02.05 and 04.05 to get a reward on 05.05! Here’s what you need to do:  S = Win at least 600.000 Credits  M = Win at least …

2024. máj. 1.

Time to set sail!

Ahoy, fellow Gaminators! Your boarding ticket for the cruise ship is ready! This May, soak up the sunshine and sea breeze with: • Nautical sales • Fun Slot Escapes • Facebook events with a lot of sunset-watching • TWO seafaring Avatars • And so much more! Don’t forget, we’re throwing the biggest …

2024. máj. 1.

A Gaminator Cruise Ship special! 🚢

As you navigate through waves of wins, anchor down in the shop on 1.05 for a treasure trove of a deal: 250% extra plus KEYS! 🤑🤑 What better way to reel in a bounty as vast as the ocean? Gaming paradise awaits…

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