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2023. nov. 29.

Which one will you choose?

To ensure that we always have the highest quality fruit slots on hand in the Gaminator Slot Factory, we’re hosting a cut-throat, or should we say cut-fruit Spin-Off! On 29.11, spin as much as possible in your favorite fruit slot. The winner will be available with double XP and MaxBets for 7 days.

2023. nov. 29.

It’s fantastic!

On 29.11, we’re speeding things up at the Gaminator Slot Factory, that means you can claim 30% faster Time Bonuses as you play! Have fun and use this golden opportunity to take your game to the next level!

2023. nov. 28.

Bonuses in production!

Our bonus factory is working overtime, churning out a stockpile just for you! Grab up to 700% extra + Keys on your shop purchase on 28.11. Harness the power of machinery and claim your well-crafted deals today!

2023. nov. 27.

Play Sevens Bonus Now!

Step into the vibrant realm of Sevens Bonus, where the game’s unique fiery visuals draw you in with: • 3 reels and 5 win lines • Exclusive Free Games feature • Unique Black Sevens symbols • Tons of hot winning chances Set the reels ablaze with your spins now!

2023. nov. 26.

We’ve not seen one like this before…

A limited-edition deal has popped off the assembly line. Will you bag it up before it’s gone for good? Only on 26.11 can you get up to 400% extra + KEYS on your shop purchase! But be quick – once this batch of bonuses runs out, it’s not coming back.

2023. nov. 25.

We’re building the perfect bonus…

It’s gleaming blueprint is primed to take your gameplay to the next level. How big is the offer? An incredible 500% extra + Keys on your very first purchase! Construction wraps up on 25.11, and it will be ready for pick-up in the shop. Bag it to start building your game as a bona fide Gaminator …

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