Ne maradj le egyetlen Slotbattle versenyről, ajánlatról, bónuszról és más nagyszerű újdonságról sem!
2024. febr. 27.

Join the exotic adventure!

Ready for a walk on the wild side? Our thrilling new Escape has arrived! Explore the lush reels of: • Diamond Cash: Mighty Elephant • African Stampede • Super Circus • Totally Wild Each spin brings a roar of excitement and a chance for untamed winnings!

2024. febr. 26.

Coming soon: the Arcade Room – Gaminator’s new feature 🤩

You’ve got the latest version of the Gaminator App and enabled personal offers in your account settings? Perfect! Then you’re all set for the sensational new way to win: the Arcade Room – a new feature with many extra winning chances. Make sure to stay tuned!

2024. febr. 26.

Feel your power with extra Level-up Bonus…

Did you know a tiger’s roar can be heard from up to 2 miles away? Well, on 26.02, the tiger is your power animal, bringing you a roaring 30% extra Level-up Bonus that can be heard throughout all of Gaminator. Use this day to level up more than you ever have before!

2024. febr. 26.

A world of magic awaits!

It’s time to train your fiery companion to unlock outer-worldly bonuses such as up to 400% extra + KEYS in our latest sale on 26.02! This great quest might intimidate your dragon … but your fearlessness will give it all the power it needs to succeed. So set forth!

2024. febr. 25.

Unleash the fun!

The Gaminator Bonus Boneyard is full of deals that will make your tail wag, and this one is no exception: 500% extra PLUS KEYS on your very first purchase on 25.02! Fetch This pawsome opportunity right away – not only will it boost your game – it’ll make you a bone-a-fide VIP!

2024. febr. 25.

You're becoming a pro…

Ready for your last lesson? Spin at least 60 times in Fàngbàozhú on 25.02 to bag a bonus the next day and complete your dragon spinner training. Remember, if you complete all 3 lessons, you'll get an EXTRA BIG BONUS* at the end! Your dragon mastery grows…

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