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5 zile ago

Time to exterminate!

We may have lost some battles, but the war is far from over! We can defeat the evil Bunnynator! We can protect our precious Credits! To victory! Get 200% EXTRA on all packs in the shop on April 13th and spin to win!  

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aprilie 11, 2019

Choose your own fate!

The evil Bunnynator is winning this war over Gaminator Credits. But all is not lost, our future is not set! We still have time to win this battle and decide our own fate! But to do that, we need power-ups! Here’s one for you: up to 500% EXTRA on purchases in the shop between 18:00 […]

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aprilie 9, 2019

It’s time to join the VIP club!

Golden phones, Velvet-coated laptops, diamond-encrusted keyboards… okay, so we don’t have any of this in our VIP Club, but we do have awesome features like: bigger Daily Bonuses, more frequent Time Bonuses and much more! Become a VIP member by making your first purchase between April 9th and 10th and get 500% EXTRA on top! […]

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aprilie 8, 2019

kantor cabang JUDI POKER TERPERCAYA DAN optimum DI era INI

Mencari perwakilan judi poker online di internet buat masa ini memang sekali mudah dilakoni, malahan lagi kala kamu browsing di internet menurut menyediakan notebook namalain teleponpintar alkisah karena entengnya mahir mancatatkan pol banget kantorcabang judi poker yang baik bagi kalian mainkan. buang berpokok hal tertulis lalu kamu jua pelir mahal cerminan buat melembarkan mana persemayaman […]

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aprilie 8, 2019

Don’t resist: join me, the Bunnynator!

It’s me, the Bunnynator! You’ve been fighting against me since the beginning, have you not yet learned that resistance is futile? Join me, and we can have an endless stream of Credits! Become part of the Bunny REVOLUTION! Here’s a taste of what I can give you: up to 200% EXTRA on all packs in […]

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aprilie 7, 2019

Come with us if you want to get up to 300% EXTRA!

Hasta la vista, bunny! The evil Bunnynator isn’t the only one who has tricks up his sleeve! We’ve sent one of our best agents back in time to help you defeat the credit-consuming critter! Oh, and our special agent has got up to 300% EXTRA on purchases in the shop for you as well, only […]

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aprilie 5, 2019

Something’s wrong at Gaminator!

Secret message – act quickly! Something’s wrong with our computers …… they have … a mind of their own …!!! We think … the evil Bunnynator… has hacked … into our systems and given them …. artificial intelligence. You need to … get to the shop on April 5th to … take advantage of 200% […]

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aprilie 3, 2019

Welcome to the future! Up to 300% EXTRA in the shop!

Can you stop the Bunnynator? He’s big, he’s metal and he’s got your Credits in his sights. The Bunnynator rules this future timeline, and only you and your fellow players can change it. How? By spinning the reels and changing the future! There’s up to 300% EXTRA in the shop on April 3rd to help […]

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aprilie 1, 2019

No jokes this year!

You thought we’d April Fools’ prank you, didn’t you? Well, the BUNNY says NO JOKES THIS APRIL! The Bunnynator knows you want to take his stash and he has a carrot to our heads prevent us from having any fun. We did manage to do something while he was distracted, though: 200% EXTRA in the […]

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