Nu rata Slotbattles, ofertele, bonusurile sau alte noutăți fantastice!
22 nov. 2023

Hot off the assembly line!

What’s that? A fantastic deal just rolled off the assembly line! Package it up quickly on 22.11 to get a up to 250% extra + KEYS on your next shop purchase. With these extra Credits, productivity will surely increase at the Gaminator Factory – meaning more fun for everyone! Oh yeah!

21 nov. 2023

New Challenge alert!

This is your chance to turn your favorite slots into efficient win-stacking machines! Here’s what you’ve got to do: Win as much as you can between 21.11 and 23.11. If you’re successful, you can collect your reward on 24.11. Here are the Challenge goals: S = Win at least 600,000 Credits M = Win …

20 nov. 2023

This deal is packaged and ready to go!

Behind the big creaky doors of the warehouse, you’ll find aisles and aisles of bonuses, but this is the one you need to grab on 08.11: A box with up to 600% extra from 12:00 until midnight + Keys. You might need a forklift to get this hefty deal out of the warehouse!

18 nov. 2023

Cargo on the horizon!

We've loaded a ship full of bonuses just for you. Spot our sale as it sails into your harbor with a deal of up to 500% extra on your shop purchase! Load it off the ship on 18.11 before the tide carries it away!

17 nov. 2023

The 100 Best Teams of the last 7 days: 17.11🌀🌀

The Top 10 Teams participating in the Team Missions and getting the highest number of 🌀Spins in Mission🌀, are rewarded with a well-deserved💥bonus in the app💥! A big round of applause for you guys! 👏 🎯 Team Missions are available for everyone from Level 10!🎯

17 nov. 2023

Stack ‘em up!🤑🤩

It’s simple math: the taller you pile your planks, the greater the prize you’ll bank! All you have to do is stake as much as possible between 17.11 and 19.11. The more you stake, the bigger your reward on 20.11. Here are the Challenge goals: S = Stake at least 500,000 Credits M = Stake at least …

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