Nu rata Slotbattles, ofertele, bonusurile sau alte noutăți fantastice!
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Crates, ahoy!

These bonus crates have travelled across all 7 slot seas and are now waiting for their rightful owner in the Gaminator Shop – which is you! Visit the shop on 07.04 and grab crates filled with up to 300% extra!

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Just how much can you spin?

The reels are flaming hot and ready for action! Will you master the Mega Spins Challenge and bag a mega bonus? Spin as much as you can between 06.04 and 09.04 to bag a big reward on 10.04! Here are the Challenge goals*: S = Spin at least 100 times M = Spin at least 400 times L = Spin at least …

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Here is your VIP entry pass!💰🤩🗝️

You can use this special card in the express VIP lane in the shop and bag an incredible deal. All you have to do is swipe it and you’ll get 500% extra on your first-ever purchase on 06.04. Head to the shop and make your purchase now!

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It’s that time of year again…🧹🗝️💰

Get your feather duster ready, we’re dusting off the slots and making everything look nice and shiny around Gaminator. And what’s that – some extra Credits slipped behind the reels! How long have those been hiding there? No matter, on 05.04 you can pick them up and bag up to 250% extra Credits …

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Ha ha ha!🃏🗝️🤩

Here come the crazy Gaminator jokers! They’re the ultimate tricksters and their favorite trick is to add 400% extra on top of your shop purchase. Sounds bizarre, right? See the trick for yourself by visiting the shop on 03.04. You’ll be flabbergasted!

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The High Roller Spin-Off is here!

This April Fool’s Day, we’re having the ultimate Slot Spin-Off! All these slots will dazzle you, but only one can be your favorite. There’s no time to fool around, spin as much as you can on 01.04 and bolster your champion. The winning slot will be available with double XP and MaxBets for 7 …

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