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Privacy & Data Policy

1. It is possible to play this game as guest on mobile devices and on desktop. However there are some noteworthy differences between the mobile and the desktop version of the game.


Playing as a guest

On desktop devices the game can be played as a guest until the player reaches level 10. After that, a registration is required to continue playing.  

On mobile devices the game can be played as a guest indefinitely.


Making a purchase

In the desktop version players must connect their account with an email address before making a purchase.

On mobile devices the player can make purchases as a guest.



On mobile devices, players can connect their email address or their Facebook profile to the account.

In the desktop version players can connect to their account with an email address only.

If a player already has an account on either mobile or desktop, he can also connect to the other version of the game or vice versa.


2. If the user connects their Facebook account to the program, they thereby give the operator express permission to save and process non-personal usage data and to use the following data from their Facebook account:

  • First name and last name
  • Profile picture
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Friends list
  • Facebook user ID
  • Facebook token
  • Optionally, the user can also permit the operator to post on Facebook on their behalf.


3. The operator saves the IP address, browser type, browser language and geographic data at each log-in. The use of the user’s data by the operator conforms to program plicable provisions of data protection law. The data is electronically processed and is not forwarded without the written permission of the user. In case of misuse, the operator reserves the right to forward this data to law enforcement services if this is legally necessary.


4. Upon starting the app the user declare their consent to making the following data from their device available to the operator in an indirectly identifying form for the purposes of rectifying errors and improving the quality of the program:

  • OS of the current computer system
  • Browsertype and version
  • Version number of program
  • Device model and version numbers of operating system
  • Free memory
  • Process history on the program (user activity in program)
  • Display attributes
  • Hardware configuration and software environment of device model
  • System log file
  • If available, information on integrated signal receivers and their configuration (3G/Wi-Fi)
  • Geographic data (country, state)


5. The operator is entitled to save and analyse connection data, in particular source and destination IP and all other log files, in order to protect their own computing systems and those of third parties. The operator is also entitled to collect non-directly identifying usage statistics, and the user provides their permission for this by registering.


6. In order to adapt the program to the individual requirements of users and to continuously develop/optimise the design and quality of the program, the operator uses cookies, retargeting cookies and tracking tools.


a. Cookies and retargeting cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored on the user’s device when they visit the program. In addition to collecting data on the user’s browsing activity (inside and outside the program), retargeting cookies also collect sociodemographic data (e.g. the age and gender of the user).

The cookies record which games the user plays in the program and, in addition, how frequently (times of day, days of the week) and how long the program and individual games are used for. In addition, sociodemographic data such as the age and gender of the user is stored. The data stored in the cookies is viewed, processed and used by the operator in order to adapt the program to the behaviour, requirements and interests of the respective user as well as to produce statistics and to group users. In addition, this data is also used for targeted insertion of third-party adverts. The data that is saved in this manner is continuously updated and expanded according to user activity.

The user declares their consent to the use of cookies and retargeting cookies by the operator. Furthermore, the user expressly consents to the data that they have disclosed and that has been received from them (e.g. age and gender of the user) being electronically processed (e.g. via cookies).


b. Tracking tools

Tracking tools are third-party services that help the operator to statistically evaluate and analyse user behaviour. The operator uses these findings to optimise and develop the program.


7. The operator takes all technically feasible measures to protect user data that they have stored, but is not liable if third parties illegally access and use this data. Any liability by the operator for damages to the user or a third party arising from a case of this kind is excluded by mutual agreement. The operator shall manage the data of the user for as long as the user is still actively using the program or for as long as the data is required in order to provide the service.


8. If the user connect his game account via Facebook, the user can view stored personal data relating to them at any time in their Facebook account or in the program. The user has the right to modify or delete the information about themselves at any time. The operator undertakes to delete any data whose deletion is requested. The user can delete the program by deleting the program in their Facebook account, by deleting their entire account in the app or in case of a guest account, by uninstalling the program on their device. The deletion of data collected on the user can be requested via the support form in the program.


9. Gaminator credits are acquired via third-party providers such as the Google Play Store, Stripe, Apple Store or any other third-party payment provider the operator chooses in the future. Consequently, the operator has no access to payment information such as credit card details. The operator can only view general transaction data such as the amount, currency, country, transaction date, purchase method, etc.


10. The operator uses the information that has been collected in order to continuously optimise the service and adapt it to the requirements of users. The user’s personal data is used to send individualised information (program updates, new features, promotions, etc.). It is possible to unsubscribe from receiving this information at any time. The user cannot opt out of receiving messages that are necessary in order to fulfil the subject of business.


11. The program is intended for individuals who have reached the legal minimum age in their home country. In addition, the program is intended exclusively for entertainment purposes.


Individuals aged under 18 must not use the program.


The operator does not knowingly collect information relating to individuals who have not yet reached the legal minimum age.