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2 months ago

Warm up your wrists!🎲🗝️🎰

This Escape is dedicated to a slot with the most thrilling and electrifying gameplay, including a game of dice: Multi Dice! Let fortune run its course by throwing the lucky dice and spinning the reels in the current Multi Dice Slot Escape. We keep our fingers crossed that you’ll only get double …

2 months ago

Giddy up, cowboy!

Put on your best cowboy boots and step into the arena – we’ve got a wild deal for you: 300% extra Credits + KEYS! So, swing that lasso round and bag it up on 21.03 in the Gaminator Shop. Yeehaw!

2 months ago

The Bird Watch Spin-Off is here!

There are many different colorfully feathered creatures, but in the current Slot Spin-Off, you can only pick one bird to sit on your shoulder. You have one day to spin as much as possible in your favorite bird slot. The lucky winning slot will be available with double XP and MaxBets for 7 days. …

2 months ago

Bzz bzz bzz!🐝🍯

The bonus bees have been quite busy at the Gaminator Slotfarm. Before the hive overflows with winnings-honey, you might want to extract some of it. Here’s a tool you can use: Grab up to 500% extra + KEYS and scoop out all that sweet nectar. Only available in the shop on 19.03.💰🗝️

2 months ago

The 100 Best Teams of the last 6 days: 17.03 🌀🌀🌀

The Top 10 Teams participating in the Team Missions and getting the highest number of 🌀Spins in Mission🌀, are rewarded with a well-deserved💥bonus in the app💥! A big round of applause for you guys! 👏 🎯 Team Missions are available for everyone from Level 10!🎯 Rank Name Weekly

2 months ago

They’ve gone missing!🐄

Oh no – the barn doors were left open overnight and the bonuses have escaped! The only way to lure them back in is with this deal: Grab 600% extra + KEYS in the shop on 17.03 and make a trail with it that will herd them back into the barn!💰🗝️🤩

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