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11 hours ago

The classics are the best: get a special mystery gift!

Classics never get old! It’s time to truly appreciate old-school games! To help you celebrate all things retro, we have a special offer for you: Buy two packages or more on 24.03 or 25.03 and we’ll give you a super-cool mystery gift on top the next day! Attention: this offer only applies to newsletter subscribers. […]

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1 day ago

Are you a pinball wizard?

Can you beat the high score and win a big bonus?   The Gaminator is feeling slightly under pressure as you continue to break his records, but he’s certain you can’t beat him in this next challenge: prove your spinning abilities!   Spin between March 23rd and 25th to beat his high score and win […]

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2 days ago

Winning! Up to 200% in the shop? Yes, please!

This is a no-brainer! Feeling a little fatigued? In need of a little pick-me-up to carry on playing and to find a way to beat The Gaminator? How about this: up to 200% on purchases in the shop on March 22nd! Game, set and match!  

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4 days ago

Time for the LAN after-party!

Get a Time Bonus with your new friends!   The party is not over yet! You made some new friends at the LAN party, now it’s time to reap the benefits with a cool Time Bonus that has a double friends counter!   Depending on your VIP status you could be getting some big bonuses […]

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4 days ago

Finish him now!

Fight! You’ve been trying to beat The Gaminator for a while, and we think it’s time you pulled off your special move and really hit him where it hurts! We’ve got a little something to help you: +200% on purchases in the shop on March 20th! Exactly what you need! Make it count!  

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6 days ago

Let’s have a LAN party!

It’s party time! Well, as much as we can party with The Gaminator still watching over the Gaminator Arcade Room! The only way to have fun is to LAN IT UP!   Invite your friends and win 10 Max Bet Spins! Friends you already have also count, as long as they’re still active!   Here […]

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March 17, 2018

St. Patrick’s Day Bot here!

He’ll bring you +300% on BIG packages if you see him! Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! The St. Patrick’s Day Bot is here to give you a well-earned boost: +300% on BIG packages between March 17th and March 18th! Be quick before he leaves again! Green is your new favourite colour!  

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March 16, 2018

Mega Joker is STILL evolving!

Get 10 Max Bet Spins and watch this Bot GROW! He’s… still getting bigger! The Mega Joker Bot has increased his strength so much that he’s about to reach his ultimate form: Super Mecha Mega Joker, but he needs even MORE power! Help Super Mega Joker by spinning on Gaminator. Spin 200 times on Mega […]

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March 15, 2018

Mega Joker is evolving!

Help make the Bot stronger and get 5 Max Bet Spins! He’s… getting bigger! Something’s happening to the Mega Joker Bot, he’s evolving, getting bigger and stronger, but something seems to be hindering him… he needs more POWER! Help Mega Joker by spinning your heart out. Spin 100 times on Mega Joker on March 15th […]

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