Ne maradj le egyetlen Slotbattle versenyről, ajánlatról, bónuszról és más nagyszerű újdonságról sem!
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We’ve got a hot new lead!

Looking for some extra Credits to help your spin-vestigation? Well, we’ve followed the clues and discovered that when you visit the shop on 26.05, you’ll bag 500% extra on all purchases. Now there’s nothing to stop Bonus & Order from reigning supreme!

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Can you crack the case?

All the slots of Gaminator have come to the courtroom to claim that they’re the best slot in history! Prove which one is telling the truth. Here’s how: Stake as much as you can between 25.05 and 26.05. Your detective work will be rewarded with a bonus on 27.05*! Here are the Challenge goals: S …

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It’s a doozy!

This wild offer has been trying to escape! Quick, before it’s too late – lock it down! Phew, we caught the deal, and it turns out it’ll give you a whopping 300% extra on all shop purchases. But we can only hold it for a day – visit the shop on 24.05 to take advantage. See you soon!

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News from the slot jury!

Someone was causing mischief on Gaminator by mixing up slot symbols and disabling key features. But thank goodness, we caught the culprit, and you’ve been found spinnocent. In fact, you’re a model Gaminator citizen! As a thank you for helping restore bonus and order, you can bag up to 200% extra …

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He cracked the code!🕵️‍♀️💰🕵️‍♂️

Inspector Ra, your personal slot-detective, has uncovered a gem of a deal for you! The clues say to visit the Gaminator Shop on 20.05 to bag up to 600% on all purchases. With this many extra Credits, you’re sure to reap maximum rewards from any spin-vestigation!

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The 100 Best Teams of the last 7 days: 19.05🌀🌀🌀

The Top 10 Teams participating in the Team Missions and getting the highest number of 🌀Spins in Mission🌀, are rewarded with a well-deserved💥bonus in the app💥! A big round of applause for you guys! 👏 🎯 Team Missions are available for everyone from Level 10!🎯   Rank Name …

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