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2 zile ago

Battle power!

Battle power! Really Wild and Fruits’n Royals are giving it all they have in the Slot Battle and it won’t be long until we have a winner. But you still have time to influence the battle! Help your slot to victory with spins (100 spins = 1 point) or by voting on Facebook (1 vote […]

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3 zile ago

Time for another battle, slot battle!

Battle time! Are you ready for the next slot battle? In the one corner we have Really Wild in the other Fruits’n Royals! These two will battle between March 18th and 20th! Spin as much as you can (100 spins = 1 point) and vote on Facebook (1 vote = 100 points) to support your […]

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4 zile ago

Gaminator goes green!

Don the colours, It’s time to celebrate St. Patricks Day in style! We’re gonna paint the streets of Gaminator green, literally! How? With up to 300% EXTRA in the shop on March 17th!

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6 zile ago

Will the real Gaminator please stand up?

We’re gonna have a problem here! Imposters! Wannabes! Fakes! Copycats! Where is the real Gaminator when you need him? Help us find him, and we’ll make it worth your while. How does 200% EXTRA in the shop on March 15th sound?

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martie 12, 2019

What up, dawg?

We know you talk a good game, But if you talk the talk, you need to walk the walk on the streets of Gaminator. Show us you’re not just all bark and no bite: grab this awesome offer and spin the reels! Up to 500% EXTRA on all packs in the shop on March 12th […]

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martie 11, 2019

Players with attitude!

You grew up on these streets, You know every corner, every pothole, bump and curve of the roads. Now it’s time to rule them! Take your place amongst the leaders of the pack and get 500% EXTRA on your first purchase – but only if you make it between March 11th and March 12th!

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martie 10, 2019

Join the wild bunch!

Who runs the streets? The old school? Nah, bruh! The new school, forget about it! The Wild Bunch run these streets now, and it’s OUR TIME to reap the rewards. How? By getting up to 200% EXTRA on all shop purchases on March 10th, for a start.  Treat yourself!

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martie 8, 2019

Women rule!

Women everywhere, It’s time to celebrate how awesome you really are. Without you, the streets of Gaminator just wouldn’t be the same. To celebrate Women’s Day, we have something very special: A bonus for everyone via Email & Push!

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martie 7, 2019

G-Unit is on the move!

Got what it takes? Ooh, we got some real hot stuff here! You wanna be part of the G-Unit, the real Gaminator deal? Sure, buddy – let’s hit the streets and see what we can scare up! How about this: 300% EXTRA on top of all packages on March 7th, from 12:00 until midnight! Get […]

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